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  From dream to reality  

      A Dermabel , a cosmetic company of , specialist in the production of capillary vitamins  was founded in 1970 by an Italian immigrant family who built a small business in the Jardim Vila Formosa neighborhood, in the city of São Paulo. At the beginning of its activities, the company worked with different types of cosmetics, such as shampoos, conditioners, hair gel, makeup, eyeshadow, mascara, compact powder, eyeliner, among others. 

      More than 10 years ago Dermabel developed a new line of products, which consists of a series of vitamins for hair to meet the most diverse needs of its consumers. In a short time this line of vitamins became a sales success, making the company specialize in this segment. 

      With over 40 years of existence in the market, Dermabel has a wide range of customers, including cosmetics stores, perfumeries and pharmacies throughout the Brazilian territory and has also started exports to other countries in South America. and on other continents: in Europe and Asia. 

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