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What Frequency of Use?

Can I use more than one ampoule in the application?

It can be used daily or every time you wash your hair. 

Yes, you must apply the dose necessary for the length of your hair. You can use different ampoules, as long as they are for the same purpose. Ex: Avocado and Marrow Oil to combat the dryness of the wires.


Can the products also be applied to the face or skin?

No,  Dermabel and Spray products are for hair use only. Only Rose Demaquilant is to be used on the skin for makeup removal and cleaning.


Should I apply them to the scalp?

No, the act of massaging the scalp activates the sebaceous glands, causing oiliness. It should be applied only on the length of the wires.


I have hair loss problems, what products should I use?

Our conditioners of: Hormone Essence, Jaborandi, Force Shock and Vit "A" help in the treatment for the strengthening of the threads in the fight against the fall due to breakage. But it is worth mentioning that the growth of strong and healthy hair is related to your diet, genetics, emotional state, so you should always consult your doctor who specializes in hair dermatology.


Can I use it with my hydration?

Yes, you can use our products and your treatment cream to hydrate your skin and the thermal cap can also be used. This practice makes the hairstyle a lot easier, and you can perfectly finish it with a brush or flat iron.

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